DIY Glittery Decoration of Samsung Charger

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In this computerize globe, we know in the daily routine about current and modern inventions that brings unexpected changes in the human life such as mobile, computer, internet and many others.

These all advanced creations are using almost in all homes, offices, schools and other institutes and get immense advantages by these latest inventions.

We should much care of these precious and beneficial items and these related things such as charger etc. To show adore for these contemporary and useful items, cleanliness and decoration is vital.

At this present time, I am going to décor a little machinery that related with mobiles.

Yes! You right suggested I am talking about charger. This is small object but much vital for mobile. Let adorn Samsung charger with easiest and fantastic way.

Required things

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DIY glittery decoration of charger:

• Scissor

• Green glittered format sheet

• Green simple format sheet

• Scotch tape

• Alligator sticker

• Charger

DIY Glittery Decoration of Charger

Cut plain format sheet and paste on charger

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Décor edges from glittered

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Paste alligator sticker in the middle

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Really, this is pleasurable and cheerful activity that will give you more chance to do something new and special. I believe you will glad to see your charming decoration of charger and others appreciate you.

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